We are thrilled to announce LuckyRedPixel [https://www.luckyredpixel.com/], a premier email-specific design firm, will join RPE Origin following an agreement to acquire the independent agency.

This move means our clients will have even greater access to the creativity that has been a hallmark of LuckyRedPixel Founder Evan Diaz and his team since the firm was founded in 2011.

“As the oldest email-centric, vendor-agnostic agency in the space, this move aligns perfectly with our brand,” RPE Origin Managing Partner Ryan Phelan says.

“A significant number of  digital marketing agencies say they ‘do email.’ What’s unique about LuckyRedPixel is that they don’t ‘do email.’ They create distinctive communications that comply with accessibility requirements, stand up to all the inconsistencies of email rendering across multiple platforms, and demonstrate a unique grasp of all the possibilities inherent in best-of-class email marketing.”

If you’ve been in email for a while, you’ve run up against posers who think they know how to design email, Ryan says. “Evan and his team are the real deal because they understand how to create highly effective email communications that reflect both the brand and its customers and give them the best experience of the channel we all know so well.”

If you’re an RPE Origin client, you might have been lucky enough to work with Evan’s team as an independent agency, or you’ve seen their designs in your inbox from brands like WWE, Spotify, Airbnb, ECOLAB and GE. If not, get ready!

“They have been a quiet force in our industry since the agency began,” Ryan says. “The people who know LuckyRedPixel’s work are always impressed with Evan’s creative savvy and professional management of the entire design process.”

LuckyRedPixel also is a Mailchimp Partner known for building custom email templates that give small and medium-size businesses a professional edge in their email communications.

Evan will join RPE Origin as a partner, and LuckyRedPixel will operate as a division of RPE Origin. “We are thrilled to become a part of the RPE Origin family,” he says. “They have been a leader in the email space going back to the earliest days. Their company culture and approach that emphasize the best uses of email marketing for brands and subscribers alike makes the agency a great organization to join.”

Join us in welcoming the LuckyRedPixel team to the RPE Origin Family! Drop a line [https://www.luckyredpixel.com/contact-us/] or view their portfolio of stunning – and effective – email designs to discover what Evan and his team could create for you!