Find the right platform with expert RFP Management

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The RFP process to choose a new email platform or CRM system is intense and not something we recommend navigating on your own. Our objective, scorecard-driven process has helped a long list of enterprise companies choose the right platform for their business needs and marketing goals without second guessing their decision. We guide you through the entire process from initial kickoff through contract signing.

Needs assessment

Choosing the right platform starts with knowing what you need. We work closely with all stakeholders to identify what you need and what you don’t and create an RFP that is unique to your specific needs.

Evaluation process

Once we know what matters for your business, we’ll identify potential platforms and guide you through a structured evaluation process, which saves you from getting distracted by shiny objects along the way.

Trusted results

Migrating to a new email platform or CRM system is a serious investment of time and money. When you work with the RPE Origin team for RFP management, you get expert guidance and trusted results.

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About our RFP Management team.

Our team has experience with 50+ ESPs and many CRM systems, and we understand the needs of enterprise-level companies. With our extensive knowledge of email marketing platforms, email strategy, email integrations, and data migrations, we can help you identify your needs and evaluate the best possible platforms to meet those needs.