John and I were grateful to join Kath Pay, CEO of the email consultancy Holistic Email Marketing for a discussion on what we are looking for from marketers in 2021!

WHEW!  We made it.  2020 was an impossible year that we, as marketers, made possible.  Pivoting left and right, trying new things on the fly…we made it happen. 

But in 2021, we’ve got a whole new series of challenges and thankfully, what we did last year will help.  Yet, instead of just giving you a laundry list of things “you should do” the leaders of Holistic Email Marketing and RPEOrigin unite to tell you exactly what some of the smartest minds in the space are watching and how you can be ready.  It’s a combination of reading the tea-leaves of the digital landscape and pulling from the last 20 years of email marketing.  

In this lively (and probably hilarious discussion), the slides will be lite and we’ll discuss and provide some tips and tricks for:

1.  Foundational tweaks: the foundational elements of email are critical to everything we do, but we need to start with those now!  We will review the common elements and what you can do to build on greatness!

2. Customer Behavior Strategy: We all have seen how that will change, but have you adjusted your marketing to account for it.  There’s a lot of fluidity in the customer model and we’ll review what to be aware of before you notice your KPI’s going sideways

3. Technology: There’s so much cool stuff out there to instantly level up your program but where do you start?  We’ll dive into companies that we see as being important as we traverse 2021.

You’ll walk away with actionable strategies and tactics that will make you look like more of a rockstar than you are, regardless of how big your company or team is!