Red Pill Email and Origin Email have been part the email community for more than 20 years, and in that time have come to think of the email-marketers as family. Conferences tend to serve as reunions with old friends as much as they serve as business functions.

It’s with that spirit of family that we set out to help this amazing community at a time where there are many that are looking for a new opportunity.  You see, on most of the job sites, if not all of them, you have to wade through all the listings to find anything to do with email.

Until today

After months of customizing and downright tinkering, we are proud to unveil, the world’s only jobs site focused solely on email-marketing positions. features hundreds of jobs from employers around the world. Positions range from C-level all the way down to internships.

The site is free to both job seekers and employers and is one of ways Red Pill and Origin Email are giving back.. allows users to search by keyword, geographic area and specific job functions including: analytics, email marketing, operations, quality assurance, product manager and user experience.

Email is such a quirky marketing channel that the community around it found early on it was sometimes necessary for even competitors to collaborate and share information for the good of the ecosystem as a whole.

For example, the email industry has the Only Influencers discussion group, managed by Jeanne Jennings, where email newbies can get answers from the craft’s most experienced professionals, and high-level professionals can share information, ideas and respectfully debate topics of the day.

Then there’s the Email Experience Council, whose stated mission is “to create awareness of and champion email marketing best practices, and their application, to ensure the health and growth of the digital messaging ecosystem.”

People tend to find themselves in email marketing accidentally and if they like it, they stay. The folks who stay, tend to be very results oriented and information hungry. Afterall, information and results feed off one another, resulting in better campaign metrics.

As a result, the information conveyed during email-marketing-conference panel discussions is often high level and sophisticated—sometimes even newsworthy. is Red Pill Email’s latest contribution to the collaborative nature of the email marketing community. It is our way of helping email marketing professionals find their next challenge with the right employer. also Tweets job listings from the previous 24 hours every three hours, helping employers’ job listings go out to as many relevant professionals as possible.

The site was in planning stages for quite some time, but when Covid 19 hit and began affecting so many jobs, we at Red Pill Email decided to put on the front burner, get it out into the community and do our part to help those affected get their careers back on track.

Red Pill Email and Origin Email are proud to have been part of such a generous community of professionals for the last two-plus decades. We look forward to many more years of collaboration and mutual support.