RIVERSIDE, California – Enterprise brands seeking maximum email marketing performance can now call on the Global Email Alliance: four experienced companies with decades of service to the email industry – from strategic direction and creative energy to guidance on selecting vendors and managing deliverability, security, and compliance.

The Global Email Alliance is made up of these email-first agencies:

  • RPE Origin: The only vendor-agnostic, email-centric agency in the US working exclusively with enterprise organizations who want to move from simple to sophisticated strategies to increase their ROI through a cross-vertical, data-centric approach.
  • InboxArmy: Offers experts certified in working with 40+ ESPs to build, deploy, and manage email marketing campaigns and automation at scale, and to manage the heavy lifting of large program migrations.
  • Email Connect: Optimizes the RFP process for selecting a new ESP or CDP from kick-off to contract signing, including developing requirements, evaluating vendors, and securing the best pricing.
  • Email Industries: Provides deliverability experts who ensure senders’ marketing, sales, and transactional emails reach the inbox.

“Enterprise companies want broad email marketing assistance to accelerate their innovation and deliver stronger returns on their investments,” says Ryan Phelan, RPE Origin CEO. “Forming this alliance creates a streamlined team of experts across our allied agencies who understand the challenges and opportunities that email marketing represents for these high-level companies.

“With this Alliance, we are uniquely positioned to collaborate across agencies to bring these critical services to our clients at preferred rates and white-glove services.”

To learn more about working with the Global Email Alliance, visit the website, send a note, or call (650) 409-6324 (US).